Plot - Plotting

A successful young man is kidnapped two days before his wedding and shortly after eating lunch with his Fiance.

Plot - Plot2

The young man is roughed up and made to wear a mask covering his eyes. His hands are cuffed to a chair. He later learns hes in sleazy motel in NoSaintho a border town on the Mexican side.

Character - Vandela Eldon Gunn (Vann Gunn)

He is 26. He started a tech firm at 23 called FlowStat that analyzes big data for third party companies. His company 3 years later is estimated to be worth 1.2 million. As an infant he was left by his parents(video images show just his dad) at a small casino called The Chance in Reno just inside the front entrance.

Character - Talia Shening

Van Gunns biological mother. was a cocktail waitress at another casino she was hit by a car crossing the street to the parking lot one night after work. Van was only 6 months old.

Character - Packton Roseway(Pac)

Vann Gunns biological father. All star college football player for the Alabama Crimson Tide. 4th draft pick for the Saints in the 82' season. The only player to be banned forever from football involved in a betting scandal that involved so many NFL players and coaches as well as top administration that the 88' and 89' seasons were cancelled. All field play, television and the super bowl was not broadcast. After federal investigations followed a paper trail that uncovered Packton as a player, bookie and better ran a called The First Downers a social club for retired and current players that was really a criminal organization that used his insider knowledge and strong arm tactics to not only seduce, but to intimidate anyone who disagreed with his methods. A business degree with a major in applied mathematics he made an estimated billion dollars from 82-85. Federal investigators charged 217 people within the RICO act and 136 were found guilty. However the feds dropped the ball by not wanting to disclose a device that they had used to gather evidence directly relating to Packton. In jail for 2 years and seven months while awaiting trial the attorney general reluctantly withdrew the complaint and Roseway was free never stepping foot inside of a courtroom.