Theme -

unable to express true thoughts in spite that most will not understand, freely expressing each and every thought as if in a diary to help make sense of who, where, and why, or if it is even a dream. This theme seems science fiction, but it is FACT almost an auto biography of a quite shut up brain with millions of thoughts finally able to express ... in hopes to help others with the same sense of capture. The problem with society is that it has CHANGED and that most people BELIEVE what they HEAR. This is an open minded one of a kind piece of real thoughts.

Character - The Successful type

miserable? Happy? Content? What makes up this type of person that most want to be....

Character - The procrastinator

Falls in to the same category as the jealous insecure type of person. What part do these characteristics play in life?

Character - Uncertain of who they are themselves, impossible to give a name

Outgoing, Thinker. Loves people and all things. Believes in a higher power, yet questions existence or afterlife. A leader. Freespirit yet soul searcher lost in where one should be in this point in time.

Character - Here? How?

A story of free spirit, passionate, liver of life. Does fate exist? Are you in one place for a reason? Here this story on how making the most of each choice, whether the wrong or the write choice, puts you where you are "supposed" to be. But just how the hell did we get here?

Character - The Bible Beater

Goes to church when the doors open, commits oneself to Christ and spreading the message, helps people believe what he or she has knowlege of is TRUTH and usually the only truth.

Character - What are we or what are they

Witches, Angels, Prophets, Humans, Animals, Deeper analysis on types of witches types of angels types of prophets, types of humans, Skitzo, bipolar, PTSD, Insane, Killers, Psychopaths, Mothers, Fathers, Workers, etc Regardless how many types of certain creations, there is a reason for each behavior and most scary behaviors are shunned away and considered either scary or not normal and the world will never be complete unless all are understood for who they are... remember, they made the decisions with the help of their influences... just like you and I.

Scene - The Beginning

Flat Land, Beautiful open skies, endless opportunity, if infact the right choices are made. Choices are given to a child however, many choices are influenced by those the child surrounds oneself with. Whether it be parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, or friends. Every person in a child's life is going to be the main influence on the outcome of what choice the child will choose. Does this mean someone is to blame? You could spend eternity blaming those around you that "set you up" to make your life the way that is is. Is blaming someone correct? Perhaps in a good scenario it is not blaming but rather thanking someone for "setting you up". If you know the decisions and your direction, whether good or bad, relating that decision to someone else is not only human nature, but also part of the others persons "destiny". Give Credit where Credit is due. Cease the opportunity and learn from both the good and the bad.