Plot - Part 2

The main characters were successful in toppling the previous government.They are now older and are establishing the new government. However, a rift begins to form in the group as they begin to argue on how the government should work and stand for. Eventually this will lead to infighting between the characters.

Plot - Part 1

The World is inhabited by a variety of cultures, people, and creatures. There are cities that are vastly superior in technology and other cities that are primitive and somewhat savage. The thing that has allowed such a variety of people and ideas to exist are the gods. The gods are beings that are powered by the belief of man. There is an array of gods all over this world

Character - Main Character

Teleportation in the beginning admires main heroine. similiar to Sinbad from Magi

Character - Main Rival

The opposite of the main character. Can make himself intangible. Begins as a part of the worlds law enforcement agency

Character - Bjorn

Controls lightning. is loud, confident resemebles hinahoho but also franky

Character - Farmer (scythe)

Joins the party and weilds a death scythe

Character - mystic

African American leader who ran a bandit gang and joins the party

Character - Eve

One of the strongest characters in the universe. Is similar to superman and Ashley. Medaka. Main Heroine