- Mido "Want to call her together? Want to go to the grave together?" Oh Daesu "No, after I kill that bastard first." - Mido "Blue Dragon is it right?" Oh Daesu "I haven't chewed it yet." - Mr. Han "How's life in a bigger prison Oh Daesu?" Oh Daesu "Who are you?" Mido "Who are you?" - Oh Daesu "Tell your cooks to put less scallions in the dumplings." delivery boy "Sure." - Oh Daesu "Why'd you lock me up?" Park "In our 7.5 floor business, our clients' info is top-secret." - Oh Daesu "AB blood types raise your hand. Go, he lost a lot of blood." - Oh Daesu "As expected, I can't get along today either. I've become a monster. When my vengeance is over, can I return as the old Daesu?"

[Analysis] Quotes

[Scene] Vengeance (15 min)