Love and death (10 min)

Mido thanks Oh Daesu for protecting her from Lee Woojin. Lee Woojin listens in as Oh Daesu and Mido consummate their love. Lee Woojin gives Oh Daesu Park’s severed hand as a gift. Oh Daesu gets rid of the listening devices Lee Woojin had placed on him. Oh Daesu finds out that Lee Woojin and his sister, Lee Soo Ah, both went to his highschool, and that Lee Soo Ah had died. Joo Hwan suggests Lee Soo Ah died because she was promiscuous. Lee Woojin kills Joo Hwan.


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[Plot] Revenge by Oh Daesu - Decelerate

[Plot] Revenge by Lee Woojin - Accelerate

[Plot] Love - Success

[Theme] Justice - Negation

[Theme] Love - Embodiment

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