Rick's is shut down (15min)

Rick drinks alone. A French soldier fights with a German soldier for dating Yvonne. Strasser asks Renault to consider killing Victor. A couple celebrates their imminent departure from Casablanca. A young woman asks Rick whether Renault will keep his word to help her if she sleeps with him. Rick says yes. She asks Rick whether her husband will hate her for cheating on him to make him happy. Rick says no one ever loved him that much and advises her to give up. Rick asks Emil to help the young woman’s husband win his payment to Renault. Victor and Ilsa arrive. Victor approaches Rick and offers a fortune for the visas. Rick refuses and tells Victor to ask Ilsa for the reason. The Germans sing, Victor leads other patrons sing La Marseillaise, Rick allows it. The Germans are beaten back. Strasser asks Renault to shut down Rick’s and he does. Strasser warns Ilsa that Victor will die in Casablanca.


[Analysis] Quotes - Related

[Plot] Escape - Decelerate

[Plot] Patriot - Accelerate

[Plot] Love - Decrease

[Theme] Trust - Contradiction

[Theme] Love - Negation

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[Character] Strasser - Related

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