Confined (10 min)

Oh Daesu is locked up in a hotel room and fed through a slot under the door. Oh Daesu begs the guard to know why and for how long he will be locked up. The guard ignores him. Oh Daesu threatens the guard. Oh Daesu is locked up for fifteen years. Oh Daesu is rendered unconscious by gas and given room service and is groomed. Oh Daesu watches TV and learns his wife has been murdered and he is the prime suspect. Oh Daesu tries to commit suicide. Oh Daesu plots revenge. Oh Daesu starts a prison diary writes down a list of everyone he has hurt to try to figure out who his captor is. Oh Daesu trains himself to be a fighter. Oh Daesu tattoos the time spent in prison on his hand. Oh Daesu tries to dig himself out of the prison with a chopstick. Oh Daesu breaks through to the outside. Oh Daesu is gassed, hypnotised, and released.


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[Plot] Revenge by Oh Daesu - Accelerate

[Theme] Justice - Negation

[Theme] Love - Contradiction

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