Betrayed (15 min)

Mido mends Oh Daesu’s injuries. Oh Daesu listens to his prison files. Oh Daesu learns he was imprisoned for talking too much. Oh Daesu finds his old friend, Joo Hwan. Oh Daesu logs in online and learns Mido has shared his secret login with an “Evergreen”. Evergreen tells Oh Daesu he is no longer a suspect for his wife’s murder. Oh Daesu tortures Mido. Joo Hwan finds Evergreen’s address. Oh Daesu finds Lee Woojin. Lee Woojin gives Oh Daesu five days to find out why he was imprisoned, or he will kill Mido. Oh Daesu threatens Lee Woojin. Lee Woojin is unmoved. Oh Daesu does not kill Lee Woojin. Oh Daesu returns to Mido’s apartment to find she has been captured by Park. Oh Daesu tries to save Mido. Park tortures Oh Daesu. Lee Woojin saves Oh Daesu by bribing Park.


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[Plot] Revenge by Oh Daesu - Accelerate

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[Plot] Love - Failure

[Theme] Justice - Negation

[Theme] Love - Negation

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