The real goodbye (10 min)

Renault, Victor and Ilsa arrive at Rick's. Renault arrests Victor. Rick forces Renault to take them all to the airport. Renault informs Strasser. They arrive at the airport. Rick tells Renault to fill in Victor and Ilsa's names on the exit visas. Rick convinces Ilsa to go. Rick tells Victor Ilsa pretended to love him to help Victor. Strasser arrives. Rick shoots Strasser. Victor and Ilsa get away. Renault helps Rick get away.


[Analysis] Quotes - Related

[Plot] Escape - Success

[Plot] Patriot - Success

[Plot] Love - Failure

[Theme] Trust - Embodiment

[Theme] Love - Embodiment

[Character] Rick - Related

[Character] Renault - Related

[Character] Strasser - Related

[Character] Victor - Related

[Character] Ilsa - Related