Vengeance (15 min)

Oh Daesu and Mido search for Oh Daesu’s daughter. Mido poses as a reporter and learns Oh Daesu’s daughter has been adopted overseas. Oh Daesu decides to seek revenge before looking for his daughter. Oh Daesu and Mido search for the restaurant that made the fried dumplings he ate for fifteen years. Mido chats to an online friend about Oh Daesu, Oh Daesu is suspicious and leaves her. Oh Daesu finds the restaurant. Oh Daesu follows a delivery boy back to his prison. Oh Daesu tortures his prison warden, Park. Oh Daesu retrieves his personal prison file. Oh Daesu fights his way out of the prison. Oh Daesu is injured and falls in the street. Lee Woojin helps Oh Daesu and sends him back to Mido’s apartment.


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[Plot] Revenge by Oh Daesu - Accelerate

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[Theme] Justice - Negation

[Theme] Love - Negation

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