Marta Schultz / von Wolfensohn / Haffner

Born into nobility, Marta was engaged to her childhood friend Maximilian. They married before he went off to war in 1916, and she learned that she was with child the day she received a telegram saying that he was dead. Devastated, Marta gave up her child to a noble couple unable to have children and ran away to become a nurse and save soldiers. At the hospital in Munich, she met August Bluecher, a mysterious young soldier suffering from a gas attack and later on, influenza. The two decided to get married and move to Hamburg, where she decided to begin searching for her lost child after the birth of her daughter Lerna. One day, she began to suspect her husband (who was actually named Johannes Haffner) of being a murderer. In 1924, Marta saw Max on the street. They had a brief affair, resulting in the birth of their second child, and she urged him never to come again because of Johann's temper. He followed her instructions until 1943, when Johann lost control and murdered both him and Marta, concealing his crimes with the Bombing of Hamburg on 28 July, 1943.