Released (10 min)

Oh Daesu is left in a suitcase on an apartment building rooftop. Oh Daesu is dressed in a suit and is well groomed. Oh Daesu finds a suicidal man preparing to jump. Oh Daesu asks the suicidal man to delay death in order to listen to his story of unfair imprisonment. Oh Daesu then refuses to listen to the suicidal man's story. The suicidal man kills himself. Oh Daesu harasses a woman in the elevator. Oh Daesu wanders the city. Oh Daesu fights street thugs. A homeless man gives Oh Daesu a wallet and cell phone. Oh Daesu eats at a restaurant and meets Mido. Oh Daesu gets a phone call from Lee Woojin, who taunts him. Oh Daesu eats a live squid in anger. Mido comforts Oh Daesu. Oh Daesu faints when Mido touches him.


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[Plot] Revenge by Oh Daesu - Increase

[Plot] Love - Accelerate

[Theme] Justice - Contrary

[Theme] Love - Negation

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