A fork in the road (15 min)

Oh Daesu calls Mido and asks her not to open the box Park had given her. Oh Daesu begs Lee Woojin for forgiveness. Oh Daesu cuts out his own tongue. Lee Woojin tells Park to not show Mido the contents of the box. Oh Daesu tries to kill Lee Woojin, he fails. Lee Woojin kills himself. Oh Daesu finds the hypnotist to erase the knowledge that Mido is his daughter. Oh Daesu and Mido are reunited.


[Analysis] Quotes - Related

[Plot] Revenge by Oh Daesu - Failure

[Plot] Revenge by Lee Woojin - Success

[Plot] Love - Success

[Theme] Justice - Embodiment

[Theme] Love - Embodiment

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[Character] Lee Woojin - Related

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