After hours (15 min)

Victor and Ilsa get back to their hotel. Victor tells Ilsa about Rick’s refusal to sell the visas and asks her if she wants to tell him why. Ilsa does not. Victor comforts Ilsa. Victor leaves for the underground meeting. The Professor tallies up Rick's finances for him and then leaves for the underground meeting. Ilsa waits for Rick in his room. Ilsa tries to get the exit visas from Rick. Rick thinks she is just using him again. Ilsa threatens Rick with a gun and Rick is unmoved. Ilsa tells Rick the truth: she thought Victor was dead in Paris, she still loves Rick and will stay with him. Ilsa asks Rick to help Victor leave Casablanca alone. The Professor and Victor escape from the meeting to the cafe. Rick asks the Professor to escort Ilsa home. Rick questions Victor's idealism. Victor questions Rick's ambivalence. Victor tells Rick he knows they are both in love with Ilsa and asks Rick to take Ilsa away to safety. The police come and arrest Victor.


[Analysis] Quotes - Related

[Plot] Escape - Failure

[Plot] Patriot - Decelerate

[Plot] Love - Success

[Theme] Trust - Negation

[Theme] Love - Embodiment

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