Rick meets Ilsa (10 min)

Victor Laslo and Ilsa arrive at the Cafe to look for Ugarte. Berger, a rebel, greets Victor. Renault greets Victor and Ilsa. Ilsa inquires about Rick. Renault praises Rick. Strasser threatens Victor. Renault orders Victor and Ilsa to visit his office for an interrogation. Berger tells Victor Ugarte has been captured. Berger invites Victor to an underground rebel meeting. Sam asks Ilsa to leave Rick alone. Ilsa asks Sam to play As Time Goes By. Rick stops Sam. Rick meets Ilsa. Renault introduce Rick to Ilsa and Victor. Rick joins them and picks up the bill. Renault orders Victor and Ilsa followed.


[Analysis] Quotes - Related

[Plot] Escape - Decelerate

[Plot] Patriot - Increase

[Plot] Love - Increase

[Theme] Love - Expression

[Character] Rick - Related

[Character] Renault - Related

[Character] Strasser - Related

[Character] Victor - Related

[Character] Ilsa - Related

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